The Process of Cremation

CremationFor many people, dealing with the death of a loved one, a family member or a friend is a hard thing to do. As painful as it is, it does not end there. After a family member’s death, there are still many things that must be dealt with. A funeral must take place and the family members must try to endure the loss they experienced.

After the funeral ceremony, the body is buried and left in the soil to eventually decay. That is the traditional way of burying the dead but nowadays, especially in the west, cremation has become a popular choice.

What Is Cremation Anyway?

So, what is cremation? It is a process where the body of a dead person is put in a big chamber (also known as a crematory) and heated until only ashes remain. In this process, the body is reduced into fragments of bone and its basic composition elements. The temperature in a crematory may range from 1400 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and the total time for cremation may take about one to three hours. Once the process is done, the crematory is cooled off and the remains are taken. Metals and other substances left behind are taken and disposed of and the bones are ground by a machine (also called cremulator) and then given to the family members.

What Remains In A Cremated Body?

When a body undergoes cremation the body is reduced back to its basic elements and what remains are only ashes and other substances like hinges, nails, screws (casket parts), prosthetics, implants and pieces of dental work that were left behind. These things are removed by using forceps and/or magnets and the bone fragments become a white powdery substance.

Where Do You Put A Cremated Body?

A cremated body may be put in an urn or in any container of the family’s choice. This urn may be kept by the family or may be buried in the ground in the traditional way. This choice is for the family to make. Some people want to keep the ashes of their loved ones close by. This helps them feel that the person they lost is still with them even in death. This will also be good choice if you want to preserve your ancestors’ ashes and keep them as a remembrance or as a legacy. By having an urn, you have your loved ones close by and you will have the time to pray for them and pay them respects. The urn may also be buried in the ground just like any other body, if that is the wish of the family or the person who passed away. Also, you can scatter the remains of the person in his/her favorite place – a place where he/she is deeply attached. Whatever your choice is, you must remember that you must treat with respect the remains and always keep it in a safe and solemn place.


Recovery from the loss of a loved one may be hard, especially for children, since the idea of life and death may still be too complex for them. Having the deceased family member remain close with you may help with your recovery from the tragic experience. This will not always work for everyone. Some people intentionally bury their dead and not keep them close to forget about the painful event. If however, you feel more comfortable with the ashes of your loved one with you, then you may do as you please. If it will help with the recovery and help you carry on with your everyday life normally, then keeping the urn with you might just be a good idea.

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Questions about the HCG Diet Answered

hcg supplementsHCG is human chorionic gonadotropin hormone used in this successful method. The HCG drop is one of the homeopathic approaches to the weight loss technique. It is a very simple method of dropping the solution on your tongue. The solution is paired with the low calorie diet to assist you lose weight up to 30 pounds in a month. For those who are still studying and exploring this method, we answered some of your questions about the HCG diet.

Is HCG Diet the right one for me?

Anyone at the age of 18 years old and above, and any gender, who needs to lose a significant number of pounds, can be a part of the HCG diet. If you are still nursing or pregnant, you may have to forego HCG. You must also consult with a doctor if you are receiving other medical treatments or has any medical condition. Your safety is still our foremost priority.

How Does HCG Help My Weight Loss Process?

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a type of hormone produced by pregnant women. HCG pushes the brain’s hypothalamus to defend our lean muscles. While it protects the muscles, HCG also releases the fat cells that are stored in our body. These fat cells are then converted into energy. When HCG is combined with the low calorie diet, those fat cells will burn quickly without losing the mass of our lean muscles.

How much will I lose with the HCG Diet?

Weight loss normally differs according to a person’s weight, body type, or lifestyle but in general, the HCG diet will prompt the loss of one pound a day.

What are the HCG’s side effects?

HCG diet is an efficient weight loss method with side effects to the minimum. Because the solution has been developed to a homeopathic formula, most of the major side effects have been reduced. The low calorie diet may be too fast for some people and can cause a few headaches on week one. Most of them are provoked by withdrawal from sugar and caffeine. This will usually fade by the end of the first week.

Are there specific foods that I should avoid while on HCG diet?

Yes. You should avoid food that have high starch and carbohydrate content like avocado, carrots, corn, leeks, peas, potatoes, banana, grapes, mangoes, and raisins. Solid food is a no-no before lunch. Basically, breakfast is a non-compulsory meal. You can only have tea, water, coffee, or certain fruit juices. Meat should be reduced and you can only eat lean meat and white meat. Alcohol, in this case, should be completely eliminated.

But with the low calorie I will still lose weight even without the HCG.

Yes, you will still lose your weight. The low calorie diet alone will burn your muscles and the important amino acids before it even starts melting away the fats. The HCG will instantaneously defend your muscles and rapidly burn the fat cells. The homeopathic solution will help your body to a safe and healthy weight loss. It will also support the maintenance of your desired body weight.

Won’t I go hungry with just 500 calories in one day?

It is true that you are consuming fewer calories than the usual but the HCG will activate the irregular fat cells as the body’s energy source. Once the fats are rallied, your appetite will naturally reduce. You get to keep all those amino acids and you’ll still be in good physical shape. On your first three days, you will notice the significant decline of your hunger pangs.

Will I keep all those weight off?

The HCG will reprogram your body’s metabolism and reset the hypothalamus to break down all those stored fats even after your diet program is finished. If you strictly follow the protocol of the HCG diet program, your body will have a new, natural weight standard that’s simple and easy to sustain. After the diet program is completed, keep a healthy diet and pair it with regular exercise.

Is HCG reliable?

Yes, it is. The use of HCG in the weight loss methods have been the results of several decade-long scientific studies. HCG’s part of the diet plans since the 1950s and has been proven to be safe and efficient.

Should I use the homeopathic HCG drops or HCG injections?

Both methods are effective with the same body response. They hold different pros and cons that you should weigh in. Injections are to be given regularly with a doctor’s supervision while homeopathic drops can be done alone and in private. We do recommend the use of the HCG drops to avoid the expected bumps, bruising, and the higher cost brought by injections. It’s also easier and much more comfortable to use.

Why should I choose your liquid diet drops?

You should choose our liquid diet drops because of it is a safe and organic way of losing weight. It is more affordable than the other weight loss tablets and drops you will see in the market. Our unique formulation will support your lean muscles and burn more fats. There will be a major boost in your metabolism and energy. It will curb your appetite and you will see results quicker than any weight loss pill.

HCG drops are the best way for you to lose weight.

The Advantages of Being a Keynote Speaker

A keynote speaker is someone chosen to conduct or deliver a speech for a particular event or conference. This person is considered to be very knowledgeable and experienced in his area; thus, he is sought to give motivation to others.

Being a speaker has many advantages. If you are considering on becoming one, here are the five basic benefits that you may get from taking part in these speaking engagements:

1.You will be able to inspire others.

Keynote SpeakerKeynote speakers are prominent people in their field of expertise. They may either be holding a high position or they may have gained so much experience. Because of their professional background, they are considered to be the best people to motivate and inspire other people.

Becoming a keynote speaker is, first and foremost, a fulfilling task. Just the idea of being able to help others should be considered as a great advantage. By sharing your experiences and life stories, you can teach others how to handle dilemmas the right way. Also, you may even help others achieve their goals and aspirations in life through your speech.

2.You get to travel.

Keynote speakers travel a lot. Delivering speeches in different areas is a normal thing for speakers. If you are fond of both giving lectures and going to trips, you will definitely enjoy being a keynote speaker.

However, as fun as this may sound, it is quite taxing at times because you are on the road a lot. Also, it is very normal that you have hectic schedules that you must strictly comply with. But despite these downsides, being a speaker is nonetheless fun and rewarding.

3.You get to make new connections.

Because you get to travel a lot, you also meet more people. Becoming a keynote speaker means you get to mingle with different kinds of people: businessmen, professionals, and even students. You will be introduced to new faces every single time you conduct a lecture. Thus, you get to expand your network more and more each day.

When you are a speaker, you get to create new connections and even form good professional relationships with others. If you are sociable and you enjoy interacting with other people, then you will enjoy being a speaker at lectures and conventions.

4.You learn from others as well.

Contrary to what other people believe, it is not only the listeners that learn. The keynote speakers learn from their audience as well. While it is true that the lecture attendees gain important insights and advice from the keynote speaker, the latter also acquires knowledge from the former through the questions they ask or the suggestions they utter after the conference.

With each speech that a speaker delivers, he learns something new about the people he interacts with. Most of the time, the questions that a speaker gets cause him to study more about the topic. At the most, the audience gives thought-provoking inquiries which leads to further research and betterment of the speaker.

5.You earn from it.

Becoming a speaker is a noble thing to do – you get to inspire others through your shared experiences and you also have the opportunity to interact with different kinds of people. Moreover, engaging in this task also has the advantage of getting paid. Not all people are paid to talk, so you must consider yourself lucky and honored to be given this opportunity.

The amount that keynote speakers get depends on a lot of factors. If you are a veteran when it comes to speaking engagements or if you are a very prominent person, your fee is definitely higher compared to those who are just starting out.

All in all, becoming a speaker is a win-win situation because aside from being able to inspire and teach others, you build new connections, you learn new things, and you make more money.

Uses of Military Coins

Traditionally, military coins were used for identification purposes. Dating back to World War I, American soldiers used coins to identify themselves from which military troop unit they belonged. It was also during this time that the coin challenge started among military members.

Military CoinsThe game was popularly known as coin check, wherein a military coins owner can challenge any fellow coin holder. If the challenged owner could not present his coin, he needs to buy a drink for the challenger. However, if the challenged owner is able to produce a coin, the challenger buys him a drink. It was a challenge that only military members understood during that time.

During the Vietnam War, military personnel had a similar challenge as mentioned above. They made use of ammunition to challenge other soldiers for a chance of free drinks. However, seeing that ammunition could cause accidents, military coins were used instead.

Sometime between World War I and World War II, coins were also used as a means to pass. Before military members and allies could enter scheduled meetings, they were asked to present specific coins. Each meeting would require a different coin that only legitimate members had access to. This rule was implemented to prevent spies from infiltrating military camps and meetings.

As the years passed, coin designs varied according to military ranks. Members and officers of the military were given coins throughout their service whenever they achieved a milestone. The military men also used coins to acknowledge heroic actions by their troops.

Soldiers started to have a collection of coins while serving the military. It became a source of good memories, camaraderie and stories to tell other people. Each coin had a different meaning but all coins were valued equally.

In recent years, the idea behind military coins or commonly known as challenge coins has been implemented even in non-military groups. Coins were used as a form of memorabilia. It represented the number of years a company or group has existed. It also symbolized exclusivity among organizations.

Coin designs became more complicated. Different materials can now be used to create a coin. Depending on the organization’s budget, coins can be made according to their preference. It can be made out of gold and embellished with genuine stones like diamonds and emerald. The design and size became customizable too.

Popular coin designs today include the following: 3D (3 dimensional), multi-colored, color changing and a photograph can be printed onto it too. Coin manufacturers have adapted to the needs and demands of their customers.

Organizations also use challenge coins as a token of gratitude. Instead of using traditional certificates and plaques, limited edition coins were used to show appreciation. These were presented to their officers, board of directors and benefactors.

Challenge coins were also used for fund-raising events. Organizers used coins as incentives to raise the amount they needed. For example:

• Bronze coins were awarded to donors who gave $50-$99

• Silver coins were given to donors who gave $100-$300

• Gold plated coins were presented to donors who gave $500 and above

Coins were used to motivate people to donate higher amounts. In return, organizers are able to raise the amount they need in shorter period of time. At times, they exceed their targeted amount, which is favorable for the organization.

Another innovative use for challenge coins these days is to use it as wedding souvenirs. Couples engrave or print their photo on the coin and give it as souvenirs to wedding guests. They can customize the coin according to their preference. It can include their favorite quote or symbol.

The use of military coins has changed over the years. But the meaning and value it holds has not been lost. Instead, people found ways to keep it alive and useful. They’ve incorporated coins for modern use and it fits perfectly. Coins hold memories and have lots of stories to tell. It’s considered as a collector’s item that can be passed on from one generation to the other.

Traditionally, military coins were used for identification purposes.

Make a Difference with the Use of Custom Lanyards

Are you desperately looking for a way to bring publicity and make a showcase for your brand?

Are you on a tight budget?

Do you want to bring an audience to your business without spending a fortune? If yes, we are providing some useful information regarding the cheapest marketing tool available in the market, nowadays. Without spending much money on advertisements, the concept of lanyards is the most affordable, innovative, and versatile as well as functional. Custom Lanyards- this is all what that we will discuss now. Very few people are familiar with lanyards. The lanyards are typically a cord or a strap that is worn around neck or wrist. Lanyards can be worn both as professionally and casually. These refer to the cords that we wear around neck to keep ID cards and plenty of valuable things. These lanyards are perfect for business, organization or if you are organizing an event. No matter how much your budget is, you can afford these custom lanyards at competitive price. Lanyards are functional, handy and inexpensive and some of them are eco-friendly. It can be used in variety of ways.

Custom Lanyards- Great Way to Promote Your Business

For instance, if you are in a rush and trying to prepare for next meeting with too many things to keep track of. Suddenly, you get to know that you lose everything from keys, cell phones to USBs. custom lanyardskeep your things safe and make it easy to keep track of your IDs, keys, name badges etc. The functionality of custom lanyards makes them popular day after day. This is perfect for executives who are usually busy throughout the day. Many times, people lose their valuable items from pockets. The concept of lanyards is secured because it can be worn by wrists or neck. With the use of lanyards, you will forget the times when you misplace your keys, USBs, sunglasses etc. Custom lanyards include images, logos, and slogans and customized simple messages on the straps, while plain lanyards are simple but functions are same.

If you are not still using this amazing product then it is time to prevent your stuff. Because they connect and engage more people so your business can work better allows you to manage many tasks and keep your stuff secure.

Undoubtedly, custom lanyards are a great way to promote your business, brand name or logo. Nylon, polyester or cotton is materials that are used in custom lanyards. According to your requirements, you can customize the lanyards. Create your own logos, designs, colors or simple messages with custom lanyards. Lanyards are widely used in schools, corporate sectors, government companies etc. There are assorted types of lanyards such as:

• Woven Lanyard

• Beaded Lanyard

• Custom Lanyard

• Breakaway Lanyard

Lanyards make it easy to keep track of your stuff by preventing and putting them in a more secured place – around your neck. With the use of lanyards, let people know about your brand. Advance your business with the use of unbeatable and functional custom lanyard. For women, it looks more than pretty and handy. They do use them in numerous forms of lanyards to keep their stuffs such as cell phones, music players, keys, wallets etc. With it, you can easily manage your so many tasks in a single moment.

When you would buy the lanyards then you will automatically know the functionality and advantages of these. It is a better way to explain the features of custom lanyard.

This is the right time to order custom lanyard because it is one of a magical glue in the world of marketing!

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Sell Off the Property from Long island real estate

The Long island real estate service is the industry’s most important tool for property marketing. When an investor lists a property, they can automatically submit the listing to the concerned organization that handles all the listings in Long Island. This is then considered as a part of the market commodities that the buyers can consider purchasing. The information on the property is placed on a database. This pool of information holds thousands of property listings for numerous locations.

Selling the Property

You should not be too worried if your current concern is selling your home through the quickest way possible while gaining as much profit as you can from the transaction. To help you with this concern, you may start off by closely considering the current price and the exact time when to sell off the property from Long island real estate. Listing your property with a flat-rate company and maintaining this can help you look for good deals easily. Also, this can help you have the greatest duration of exposure for your property. Thus, this can give you a greater chance of choosing among worthy buyers.

Working with a Company

long island real estateHaving a company work with you while you attempt to sell your property ahead of the others from the Long island real estate can help you maximize your selling power in the market. For one thing, the company can help you properly advertise your properties. You may opt to sell off your property without an affiliate company. However, you may find it harder to go around the market because you have no specialist to help you get updates regarding what is currently hot in the market. Even if you think that you can save a lot of money in the process, you will likely get fewer buyers because your network of potential clients is significantly lower than what is possible if you work with the right company.


Some properties displayed in the company websites can have great local or national exposure. This is because people tend to search through the internet for houses that they may be interested to buy. This is a lot easier than manually going through the MLS listings that have been printed out for the people to choose from. Aside from this, you can save a lot of money if you decide to work on them because you do not have to print out materials for distribution purposes. All you have to do is to make sure that you get regular visitors for the web page that currently contains the pieces of information about the property that you intend to sell out.

Flat Fee Brokers

If ever you have listed your property with the flat fee broker, you do not have to worry about the possibility of being avoided by real estate agents. Real estate agents can search for the database because it is their job to help the buyers look for the house that they prefer. If ever you offer the cooperating broker a reasonable amount of commission from the listing, you will not have to worry that the buyer will not be pleased with the property come showing day.

These are just some of the things that you have to know and learn about the MLS listings for Long Island. You may check out the other official websites for more information on property selling.

An Overview of Printed Circuit Boards: Design and Assembly

Design and assembly are two of the main processes involved in the manufacture of PCBs. To get a clearer picture of what happens in each of these processes, read on below.


printed circuit boardsBack in the day, designing printed circuit boards was a totally manual process. Artwork generation was done on clear mylar sheets, oftentimes resulting to two to four times the desired size. First, the schematic diagram was converted into a layout of pins, pads and components. Next, traces were routed towards the necessary connections. Pre-printed grids helped in the layout, while rub-on dry transfers of usual circuit element arrangements helped in standardizing the layout. Self-adhesive tape was used to make traces. At the end, the layout “artwork” is reproduced photographically on resist layers of blank boards with copper-clad coating.

These days, however, the practice is a lot less labor intensive. Computers take most of the work, since they can perform a lot of the steps automatically. Here are the steps included in the basic progression of common commercial designs for printed circuit boards:

1. An electronic design automation tool creates a schematic capture.

2. Depending on the required case and circuitry of the PCBs, the template and dimensions of the card are decided. During this step, the need for fixed components (together with heat sinks) is determined.

3. The layers of PCBs are decided – often one to twelve, depending on the complexity of the design. The power and ground plane are also determined. Here, signal planes are found in the top layer and in internal layers.

4. With the help of routing copper thickness, dialectic layer thickness and trace width, the line impedance is determined. In case there are differential signals, trace separation is also considered. To route signals, stripline, dual stripline or microstrip is used.

5. Next, the components are placed. The vias and lands are marked into place, all the while considering geometry and thermal factors.

6. Signal traces are routed. High frequency signals help ensure optimal EMI performance by being routed in internal layers, between ground or power planes.

7. Gerber file generation comes next as a part of the manufacturing process.

8. The final step in design involves the power plane acting as the counterpart of the ground plane. The power plane acts as an AC signal ground and provides DC voltage for circuits which are mounted on the PCBs. On the other hand, if using electronic design automation tools, the power and ground planes are often automatically drawn as a negative layer that have connections and clearances to the plane (which was also automatically created).


As the PCBs are finalized, the electronic components are attached, forming a working printed circuit assembly (PCA). For through-hole manufacturing, the leads of components are inserted through holes, thus the name. On the other hand, surface-mount manufacturing requires components to be placed on lands or pads found on the printed circuit boards’ outer surfaces. In either type of construction, the leads of components are both mechanically and electrically attached to the PCBs using a molten metal solder.

There are different ways of soldering used in PCBs. For creating a high volume of production, the surface-mount placement machinery, reflow ovens and bulk wave soldering are often employed. Meanwhile, for small volume production, experienced technicians are capable of soldering the tiniest parts by hand with the help of a microscope, a fine tip soldering iron, and some tweezers. A number of parts can be too difficult to work manually, including BGA packages.

As the printed circuit boards are finalized and done, they have to be tested in multiple ways. If they fail any of the tests, the technicians have to desolder them, and replace components that aren’t working. This is known as “rework”.